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About Tim


Tim studied at the Center for Creative Studies and quickly earned accolades as a successful young illustrator in Chicago. He was well known for his keen color sense, fine craftsmanship and his fluid, stylized illustrations. In 1993, he began working with master carousel painter Pam Hessey of Hawk’s Eye Studio in Martinez, CA. Here he learned the specialized craft of bringing priceless but battered antique wooden animals back to life for private collectors as well as those who love to ride our country’s precious working carousels. Restoration was one of his specialties, but carving is his true love.
He's always surrounded himself with animals and they're his favorite subject matter.  Be it a small Chihuahua, a well-muscled Pit Bull or a statuesque Great Dane, Tim lovingly combines all of his artistic skills to create unique works of fine art that reflect the timeless beauty of our animal friends. As co-founder of the non-profit BAD RAP, he splits his days between caring for rescued dogs and carving.
Tim Racer was a regular guest lecturer at the Annual Carousel West at Asilomar Conference in Pacific Grove, California. His restoration work of twelve 19th-century antique Dare carousel animals is on permanent display at the New York State Museum in Albany. Other public projects include carousels at the San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and Berkeley's Tilden Park. His original carving creations were highlighted in the spring 2004 edition of Bark Magazine, The New Barker, and SFIS Magazine.
“Our girl Sally (The Bitchy Queen) was my inspiration for my Pit Bull rocker, but to give full credit, she was my inspiration for my entire carving career and for co-founding BAD RAP. Constantly staring at those hard muscles of hers prompted me to buy a set of gouges and begin carving. Thanks to Sally, my life is now cram packed with (BAD RAP) rescue duties and with carving people’s pets. I wasn’t sure whether to thank her or spank her.”


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